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Author Interview and Giveaway of The Altercation of Vira on I’m A Reader, Not A Writer

Thanks to the lovely Kathy at I’m A Reader, Not A Writer for hosting a giveaway of The Altercation of Vira and for this interview. Enjoy.


Shut Up And Read

No, not you. I’m talking to the voices in my head. And no, you don’t need to call a medic (at least not yet). I do need help though. I’m trying to master the art of disassociation in relation to a host of things in my life.  The rule is simple – the more I know about something, the less I can enjoy it without being critical. The common culprits tend to be things I’m supposedly proficient at. The premise sounds pretty obvious but lately it’s been bugging me a lot as it is interrupting the enjoyment of one of my favourite hobbies, reading – GASP! (yes, caps were necessary)

Not surprisingly, the first place I noticed this annoying trait was in my day job. Over the years I’ve developed a habit of walking into a room and noticing all the mundane things no one else cares about – door handles, air vents, toilet cubicle partitions, skirtings, balustrade fixing brackets, stair nosings. Why? Because as an Architect I spend far too many hours in a day reviewing ironmongery schedules or matching paint colours or carrying out other mind numbing tasks like that. The mundane elements then stick in my head and take away the overall beauty of the space.

Similarly, as a writer I am finding it more difficult to read a book without judging it as a writer. What are the books strengths and weaknesses? Head hopping? Character formation? POV switching? Over use of adjectives? I find myself looking for elements of a story that don’t work, even as I open up the first page. Or I spend ages trying to figure out why I didn’t enjoy a book instead of just accepting that I didn’t enjoy it and moving on to the next one as I would have done a few years ago. Continue reading

The Drama Queen

Okay, so I’ll admit it – I write drama. Not fast paced action filled fantasy novels like I wish I could, but fairly drawn out dramatization of ideas that my brain cells breed. Why do I feel the need to make this declaration? Well, I’m about a two-thirds of the way through writing my paranormal novella, Aversion (did I mention it’s going to be part of a series), and I’ve been trying to bear in mind some of the comments readers have made when reviewing my other works. Most of the reviews have been positive and have enlightened me on readers’ expectations and even some aspects of the craft of writing, however there are some things I know I can’t or won’t change about my style of writing because they are what makes my work original/mine (enough said about that). Anyway, one recurring point that I thought I could try to tackle was “pace”. Apparently I could do with speeding things up a bit, throw in a few more disasters for the protagonist to struggle through, provide more conflict, that kind of thing. Fairly easy to attempt, right?

Wrong! The more I type and the more I think of ways to incorporate these elements into the novella, the more I realise that this is a false expectation for me. I write slow paced stuff, simple. And maybe I should accept that there is nothing wrong with that.  I write about how people feel, how they react to things that happen to them. How these things slowly (or rapidly) change their perspective of life. Yadidadida. And oh yes, my characters internalize things and brood a lot. Continue reading

Tweet tweet!

After years of defiance, I finally caved and signed up for a Twitter account today (don’t ask why). I’m still trying to figure out hash tags and whatnots so my tweets might be a bit slow and random at first but feel free to follow me @kenechiudogu and share in the madness.

Soundtrack To My Life 2

After last month’s initiation of the Soundtrack To My Life series, I’ve put together a list of my all time favourite Numetal/Grunge/Punk Rock songs. Okay, maybe not my “all time” favourite songs as I’ve tried to keep it to one song per artist/band (don’t ask me why I stopped at 39) but there are so many more songs I could put against each artist/band’s name so maybe I’ll post a third list in the future for the same genre. And yes, I know some of them are incredibly cheesy and commercial but the heart loves what the heart loves…

  1. Echo – Trapt
  2. Cold – Crossfade
  3. Diary of Jane – Breaking Benjamin
  4. I Hate Everything About You – Three Days Grace
  5. In The End – Linkin Park
  6. She Hates Me – Puddle of Mudd
  7. Outside – Staind
  8. The Outsider – A Perfect Circle
  9. We’re All To Blame – Sum 41
  10. The River – Good Charlotte
  11. Island In The Sun- Weezer
  12. Stricken – Disturbed
  13. Sound Effects and Overdramatics – The Used
  14. Question! – System of A Down
  15. Always – Saliva Continue reading

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