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Announcing Book Blog Tour for Aversion

My first blog tour for Aversion launches on the 5th of December! I’m extremely excited about it and very grateful to Fara Hanani, of Tumbling in Books, for hosting and doing all the hard work. There will be opportunities for reviews, guest posts, interviews (author and characters), excerpts and giveaways so lots to get stuck into.

Please share this link with anyone who might be interested in participating in the tour.

Goodreads link for the book is below –

The Other Slipper paperback is finally here!

It’s finally here! I squealed with delight when I got home and saw the  package from Createspace last night. I’m so much more excited about this than I was about the release of the e-version but that’s probably because this feels so much more real (you can probably see that I already bent the cover with all my eager page turning). I had a few last-minute tweaks to make after reviewing the proof (oh, the woes of formatting) and now the book has been approved for distribution in the USA and Europe via Amazon. To be honest, the e-version looks so much more appealing when you look at the cost of the paperback ($9.99 – ah, the colossal cost of printing) but not everyone likes to read off a screen so this will give those people a chance to get a hold of the book. Please spread the word as usual and thank you once again for all your support.

Link for purchase via Createspace is:

I will post the Amazon link once it comes up.

This Week In Kenny’s World 4

So, after my (long overdue) sign up on Createspace, I spent all of last week formatting and setting up The Other Slipper for a paperback release. I’m pleased to say that I’ve ordered my proof copy and I’m awaiting its arrival from the US before I click the publish button. So excited! Photos will go up here once I get it and I will keep you all posted on this new venture.

I also set up a Goodreads page for my paranormal novella “Aversion”, in anticipation of its December release. The cover might change by the release date but in the meantime you can have a look at it here  – Aversion

In other news, I received reviews of both The Other Slipper and The Altercation of Vira by the lovely Angela of Angels are Kids and Furkids.

The Other Slipper review

The Altercation of Vira review
Will hopefully have more fun stuff to report next weekend.

You Know You’re In Your Thirties If…

– You never had a mobile phone as a teenager (and it wasn’t because your parents didn’t love your or didn’t want to get you one – no one had them except business men in movies)

– There was a point in your life when your Dad owned a vinyl player at the same time as when you had a Walkman (and not the CD player, but the cassette tape player)

– You mastered how to use a computer (and play games) in DOS mode (Windows who?)

– Your movie collection was stored on video tapes

– Sega and Nintendo were the only video game console manufacturers you knew at one point

– You’ve finally caved and bought eye cream (because you have no choice anymore)

– You’re no longer dying your hair to be cool, it’s now out of necessity

– You remember the good old days when Apple was a fruit and a small letter i in front of any word was bad spelling

– You watch the news because you actually want to

– Citing Google searches in your school research was not allowed Continue reading