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The Other Slipper by Kenechi Udogu

The Other Slipper by Kenechi Udogu

It’s finally on Amazon! I’m so excited! Click on the image above to get to the page and if you like it, please review it (link leads to page but it’s available on all other Amazon sites).  Also available on, Apple iBook store, Sony Reader, Diesel e-store, Barnes and Noble Nook and Kobo.

Blurb:  When Jo finds a lone glass slipper on the night of the royal ball, she realises that there is more to the seemingly ordinary object than meets the eye. Searching for its owner, she is led to the palace where the princess sets her on a journey that thrusts her into an unexpected world of magic and illusions. It soon becomes clear that there is a lot more to her mission as she discovers startling secrets about her past and struggles to embrace her destiny.

Short Story 7: Market

He glanced towards the door and shifted in his seat. She was late. He hadn’t expected that and he wondered if something had happened to her. There was no way he could find out because he didn’t have her number, only her username – cleopatra672. Her real name was Jane; he had found that much out during the last few weeks of their chats. He thought it odd that she kept the obscure username when her photograph and details were visible to subscribers of the website but when he found out what her name was, he could understand her reasoning. Cleopatra672 sounded much hotter than Jane.

He sipped some of his tepid water and looked towards the door again. An elderly couple walked into the restaurant and were escorted to a table by the enthusiastic hostess who had shown him his seat earlier. She smiled at him as she walked past his table, a sympathetic smile perhaps. He had been sitting there for over fifteen minutes after foolishly arriving five minutes before their arranged time and now it probably looked like he’d been stood up. Where was she? Continue reading

The Kindle Spindle

I’m finally doing it. After months of deliberation and self-doubt, I’m delving into the world of Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. I discovered that anyone can self publish their work to be read on a Kindle device (or via a Kindle app on iphones, ipads, Android devices etc) when I was reading a series of writing articles in the Reader’s Digest earlier this year. It took no time to convince myself that I could use this to get my work published but it was months before I started to do any proper research and get the ball in motion. Why? Because I kept thinking it couldn’t be that easy, and it isn’t, but it’s still much easier than I thought it would be. If you want your work to be good, there is no other way round it, hard work needs to be done! Plus there are plenty of online forums and blogs out there that give fantastic advice on what to do to make the process less painful.

I have to admit, I’ve never been so petrified of anything in my life! Putting my work out there for others to judge has never been an easy thing for me. I have to do it everyday in my working life and it hurts when long hours of design work are dismissed with one word because someone just doesn’t get where you’re coming from, but this will be far worse. Continue reading

The Alternative Lifestyle

The USA television show season is upon us again (I love Septembers!) but as much as I’m looking forward to flexing my remote control hand and working out my trusty Sky+ schedule to avoid any catastrophic show clashes, it has been pointed out to me (on more than one occasion  I might add) that I am wasting too many of my youthful years sitting in front of a telly, staring at the flashing lights and wondering why Damon hasn’t figured out a way to steal Elena away from the much less interesting Stephan.

I have to admit that every now and then, the number of shows on my schedule becomes a little bit overwhelming and I find myself wondering why the hell I’m still trying to follow the ridiculous story lines (Prison Break anyone?) but then the screenwriters do something completely unexpected and I’m sucked right back in (ok, maybe not in the case of Prison Break, that died a sad death somewhere in season 2 but I stubbornly stuck with it till the axe fell).

Anyway the comments got me thinking, what are these alternative activities everyone keeps asking me to indulge in to draw me away from the evil clutches of HBO and The CW? Continue reading

Short Story 6: Brief Lives

[Feels like I haven’t posted a short story in a while. Another group exercise although I can’t remember where the topic for this came from. I enjoyed writing this one. Hope you like it.]

“I’m so sorry,” Jamie apologised as he stretched his hand out to help the fallen woman.

“That’s ok, I should have been paying more attention,” the woman smiled up at him as she took his hand and pulled herself up.

The second her hand touched his open palm, Jamie felt a slight jolt and had to steady himself. In the next few seconds, he saw it all. Their first date was a cheesy affair at an Italian restaurant he knew well. They both had too much wine but were still restrained enough to save their fist kiss for their second date, a much less contrived meeting at a live act bar where an obscure band they both liked was playing.  She made him laugh a lot and he couldn’t get over how soft her thick locks were when he finally got a chance to run his fingers through them.

When he met her mother and sister, he realised her sparkly eyes were one of many strong family traits and he prayed they would stay together long enough for him to be blessed with children who would share in that gene pool. On the day their first son was born, he realised that he had never loved her more than he did at that moment.


The word snapped Jamie back to reality. Continue reading

Can you top my 28?

Those of you who read my Stop and Stare post from May will know that I got involved with the World Book Night movement in March this year. It was loads of fun and I might sign up again to participate next year (if I have the time and courage) but they are currently in the process of finding new books for next year’s big giveaway and I’ve been asked to vote for my top ten books from a list of 100 books.

I was pleased to find that I have read 28 of the books on the list (not sure why they doubled up on The Time Traveller’s Wife and Little Women but hey, I’ve read them both so counting them both) but then found out one of my colleagues has read 55 of them and I didn’t’ feel so smug after all (she is a little older so I guess she’s allowed to pip me on this one).

Any readers out there who want to have a count for fun?

PS – it doesn’t count if you’ve watched a movie or television adaptation of the book. If we add those, I’d be closer to 40.