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The Hermit


Hello, my name is Kenechi and I am a hermit. Okay, that’s not true at all (although some people will argue differently). Hermit is too strong a word to use to describe my existence. So why make that statement? The busy festive season is upon us and I was forced to review my social calendar to ensure I don’t get caught out on stuff – making out time to shop for presents, catching up with friends over a glass of mulled wine or egg nog (neither of which I like so excuse me if I hug my drink for an hour), attending other non-festive events like baby shower et al. It occurred to me that I might not have a lot of time to sit around and do nothing. Yes, nothing. That’s my favourite part of the day. Doing nothing. Well, not nothing, more like resting after a busy day at the office. My free time on a weekday, after you deduct work related hours (preparation, commuting, actual work), is about three to four hours. Resting equates to reading a novel or watching telly as I eat dinner in my thick hoodie, jogging bottoms and slipper socks. Don’t get me wrong, I like being out and about, but I l-u-u-rve the warmth of my flat on winter evenings. Summer is for prancing around and getting into trouble, but winter, not so much. The problem is, sometimes, as I watch the many TV programmes which revolve around groups of friends (Girlfriends, How I Met Your Mother, Friends, Happy Endings, etc) I wonder if I should go out more.

Yes, I know these characters are fictional but, surely, they are based on real people, even if loosely. I’m always tempted to ask, “Who lives like that?”, but people must do. The worrying thing for me is that these ‘friends’ aren’t just depicted as occasional social beings; they appear to be in each other’s business ALL THE TIME – yep, even in winter. They often live together, attend university together, work together, date each other, marry each other, holiday with each other – name it, they’ll do it as a group. In some cases, characters get told they’ve ‘changed’ when they finally break free of this mad cycle and try hanging out with or seeing someone totally different from the norm. Show writers (bless them) sometimes attempt to take the piss out of these relationships by throwing in scenes where characters try (but fails) to avoid the rest of the group. We laugh, but if you think about it, it’s not funny. Not funny at all.

These telly people also seem to have jobs which do not reflect real life as we know it. Continue reading

Yam Po Club featured in Nigerian national newpaper, Sunday Sun

The Sunday Sun feature I can’t express my joy enough at this! I’ve been featured in the Nigerian national newspaper, Sunday Sun! Interviewed by Sola Ojikutu.

The Altercation of Vira – Rebranding

The Altercation of Vira_cover

In a post last month, I mentioned that I was revamping some of my older book covers; three of them to be precise. The Summer of Brian got its makeover at the start of October and, after a long process of head scratching, uhming and arhing, I settled on an idea for the new cover of The Altercation of Vira. I was surprised at how many options I had to mull over with this one – blue umbrella and stones, ghost town, red stalks, green sun with red sky…you’ll understand the links if you’ve read the book. Turns out I had far too many objects to play with than I’d considered when I worked on the original cover. But I decided to shun all that and go down another route. Once it got the nod from my team of cover eyeballers (thanks guys!), I put it up on Amazon et al and went on to post about it on Book Goodies and Indie Author Land on Friday.

Between Friday afternoon and this morning, downloads had shot up 500%! I know it could all be a huge coincidence brought on by the weekend weather or something, but I hope it’s not. The good news is, since Friday, Vira has been sitting on’s Top 100 free Teen/YA Sword and Sorcery list and’s Top 100 free Children’s ebooks Love and Romance list. Brilliant, no? That last category is odd because the characters are older than 18 but, hey, I won’t knock it. Being on any list means it is visible to readers who would otherwise not have heard of it. Moral of the story? I need to start work on the cover of The Other Slipper. Looks like I’ll be busy from now until Christmas.

This week in Kenny’s world: Paperback and stuff

sentient paperback

The proof copy for Sentient arrived this week so I’m pleased to announce the release of the paperback on Amazon! All you lovely techno-phobes can now get a copy to thumb through and store in your over flowing libraries. It still hasn’t been linked to the kindle edition (which has reviews up) but hopefully Amazon will sort its act out soon.

In other news (Facebook fans will know this already), I was recently asked if I’d like to become a Staff Reviewer on Readwave. Yeah you guessed it, I said yes! How could I not? I thought the site was pretty amazing when I joined and it’s getting even better with all the helpful improvements the team has been implementing. Readers (not just Staff Reviewers) provide constructive comments on stories, not just “I think this is great” or “awful”. So you can imagine how excited I was when the offer came through to do more than just post stories and pass the occasional comment. Looking forward to many more hours of reading works from fellow writers. Now, if I can only make out time to do some more writing…